About Us
Carla Shipman is the President/ Founder of professional organizing business called DeClutter Enterprise, LLC. located in Middletown, DE. Carla founded her business in June 2008. Carla served active duty in the United States Air Force for over twenty years. Her background and training has been instrumental in starting her own business. She enjoys helping people organize and helping them transform their space. She is known as Ms. DeClutter. She provides services for corporate, small businesses, and residential clients.

DeClutter Enterprise, LLC
Transform Your Space
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Our Mission
DeClutter Enterprise, LLC. is a professional organizing company that is built on expertise, integrity, dependability, loyalty, quality, compassion, efficiency and great performance who specializes in helping corporate businesses, small businesses and residential clients. We educate our client, help them understand the benefits of organizing, help them improve their quality of life, save time and money, create a sense of clarity, focus on functionality and transform their space. Our goal is to build positive and continue supportive relationships with our clients. We emphasized the importance of us working as a team. Confidentiality and trust is important to us. We help our clients manage the things that are cluttering their lives. We understand our clients are overwhelmed ,busy and stress. We let them know there is hope and we are here to help. Are you ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

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