What our clients say...


I was so pleased with the service that DeClutter Enterprise gave me. I had a walk-in closet that was a total mess. I didn't know how to begin to organize it myself. DeClutter Enterprise came in and totally cleaned and organized my closet. We found clothes that I purchased years ago with tags and never wore and things I haven't seen in years. They made me realize that I was in the beginning stage of hoarding. DeClutter organized my closet in a way I would have never done. My clothes are colored coordinated. My shoes are organized by brand. My hand bags are neatly tucked away. Bins and drawers are labeled. It felt so good to walk in my closet. I put a chair in there and now its my "secret place". It's where I get my peace and quiet time. I was so please with DeClutter Enterprise I had them come back and organize my basement closet. Once again, I was very pleased. I would recommend DeClutter Enterprise to anyone that needs a closet, office, or work place organized.

Sharon Smith - Brooklyn, NY


DeClutter Enterprise is excellent! To be honest, I took a long time to make the decision to pay someone to declutter my home. I felt that I am pretty bright and I could do anything I put my mind to do. After years of, I am going to get to this or that and I never did, I finally broke down. This was the best decision ...I could have made and the money spent was well worth it. Carla organized my kitchen cabinets, kitchen and basement closets and even suggested that I convert a small closet in my room to a shoe closet. That was after I told her we could never downsize any of my shoes :-). Carla changed my life. Cooking in my kitchen is effortless since everthing has a place. Carla, thank you and we are actually coming close to a year and I am looking forward to having you come back for a follow-up session.

Michele Rawls - Wilmington, DE


I'm a paper junkie or at least I was until DeClutter Enterprise, LLC helped me get organized in my bedroom/study room. The most frustrating thing was trying to find something important and spending hours searching for it! I knew there had to be a better way and kept telling myself that I'll get motivate one day and get rid of papers and stuff that I don't use or never open. One year would pass, and then another year and my clutter would greet me each day reminding me of the task that I continued to ignore. So, I ask the President of DeClutter Enterprise for HELP! I knew after my first consultation with Carla there was hope. Her professionalism to help me without making me feel like a failure was a bonus. She worked around my busy schedule and now I can tell you that my room is 85% clear. Why not, 100%? Because she's an organizer and not a miracle worker. I learned that you have to break bad habits within yourself and put things back where they belong. DeClutter Enterprise helped me save so much time by finding what I need, when I need it. Thank you so much for your professional services and warm smile!

Tracy Miles - Bear, DE


Hola como estas Carla, it was wonderful experience to work with DeClutter Enterprise, really help me to organize my paradise, very professional and please with the services. Thank you, Carla!

Nelly's Beauty Paradise - New Castle, DE


I want to thank you for your de-cluttering service you provided recently. After discussing what needed to be accomplished and then the time spent working together to produce results were so beneficial to me personally and to my business. You were right on target with your suggestions and made me feel motivated to spend even more time beyond our designated agreement to continue the task of “purging” and re-organizing my office space. It is a work in progress, but the results are already proving to be helpful. You have a gift of building a relationship with your client in understanding their situation and then applying your expertise and experience to that individual’s needs. I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone that is in need of your services.

Merrily Schiavone, President of Adhelp.biz - Newark, DE


Just wanted to let you know that you helped our business in a most tremendous way. Carla, came through and cleaned the back of our office with such precision and style, not to mention working in a timely fashion. She is very organized. I would defintely recommend her services to anyone.

Mike Graham, Owner of West Side Auto Body - Philadelphia, PA


When I would go into my office it had papers everywhere.  Everyday it was depressing to go into.  I couldn't get it together, because every piece of paper would be important so I thought.  Then I met Carla of Declutter Enterprise, LLC and she was an answered prayer.  She came in and began the declutter process, she created files and organized my papers.  Now when I'm looking for something I can readily find it.  I really appreciate all of her hard work.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Gloria Jones - Dover, DE


DeClutter managed to take all documents that I have been collecting over the past two decades and organize them into a neat, concise, labeled filing system.  All redundancies and out of date materials were eliminated.  Carla introduced and created a storage system that allows invisible yet easy access.  All the while, she maintains strict confidence while organizing my personal documents.  Now that the office is complete, I cannot wait to get started on the rest of the house.

J. Y. Bivins, Esq. - Wilmington, DE